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Do you need to determine the value of a piece of land? If so, then consider getting a real estate appraisal from a professional. My name is Michael Moosa, and I’m a professional land appraiser that can serve clients throughout Broussard, LA, and the surrounding areas. I have years of experience and a commitment to excellence; when you partner with me, you’ll get the fair and impartial appraisal report you need.


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If you’ve ever had a home appraisal, then you’ll be familiar with how an appraisal for land works. A land appraisal will help you determine how much a piece of land is worth, as determined by a professional land appraiser. Your appraiser will inspect the land and assess its features, then use that information—plus information on what comparable lots in the local area have sold for—to determine what the land is worth.

My goal is to provide reliable land appraisal services to clients throughout Broussard, LA. Consider contacting me today to learn more and get a free quote on your real estate appraisal.