My goal is to make sure that you get fair and accurate appraisal services from beginning to end. I can provide free quotes on all of my appraisals; if you’d like to learn more about what I do, then consider giving me a call.


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My name is Michael Moosa, and I’m an appraiser with over 17 years of professional experience. I originally started in this field because I had a friend who was an appraiser; after five years of working with my friend, I ended up branching out on my own. I have a passion for helping others and helping them understand the value of one of their biggest assets—and by founding Moosa Appraisals, I was able to better help my clients get the fair and accurate appraisal services they deserve. I take my time to provide fair and honest service, and I can even sketch a house to figure out the gross living area without doing a full appraisal. Consider reaching out today to learn more.


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Consider reaching out to me today; I can provide you with a free quote on my appraisal services.